I’m Not Dead Yet…

Or Ill.  So sorry for the long absence.  It’s been a very interesting summer.

On June 2, I was called into a meeting with two of the Deans in the pecking order above my position to be told that due to an administrative reorganization of my division, the role of my position was going to be drastically changing and I was no longer the employee they needed.  I was being let go.  This didn’t completely shock me (pro tip employers, if you ask on Thursday or Friday for a meeting late in the day on Monday with no previously disclosed agenda, a smart employee will figure it out).  Since apparently some people in these situations will…be destructive, protocol said I was given to the end of the day to clear out my office, and then I was sent home with a work lap top and some make work for a 45 day work from home period until my employment officially ended on July 16.  After the initial “Oh, wow, I got laid off!” wore off, I was actually relieved.  I hadn’t been happy in the position for a while, but I hadn’t hit the terminal displeasure needed on my own to make a move.

Being a smart monkey, I immediately polished up my resume and started looking.  A position that looked good on campus ended up falling through.  Since we were still being paid in that time, my wonderful spouse, P, insisted I still go to Calontir’s internal war event, Lilies, since I had obligations (Order Meetings, helping with Taste of Calontir, etc).  I had a nice war, and played with period cosmetics and body products with my apprentice sister and roommate.  Then I came home and began applying in earnest.

As of today, it looks like I will have one firm offer tomorrow or early next week, and a second office is highly interested in me.  It will be a move, either way, but both of us, while loving our time here, are actually comfortable with the idea of being somewhere new.  However, this has all meant that my productivity on blog production has been…shall we say, small.  I will be back, no worries.  The move should be done by Sept. 1, either way, so I hope to have notes about my field experiments with period body products at the war up and a small write up on an Introduction to Redactions Class I taught done soon after.

Thanks for hanging in there, friends.  I can’t wait to get back at it.