So, I promise I really am not dead…

To catch up:

Notified of layoff in early June.

Layoff effective mid-July.

Accepted a new job mid-August.

Moved across country (and inter-kingdom) in early September.

Started new job the day after Labor Day, which involves a LOT of travel (I do targeted recruitment for a couple of undergrad programs for a University).

Still getting settled, unpacked, and starting to get active on projects again.  Also, helping the husband job hunt.

So, what’s next-

I’m coordinating visiting Royalty for my new Shire’s February event.

I’ve taught my research and documentation classes locally and they went well.

I will finally be doing that post about Lilies War and the hygiene experiment in the next few days.

And starting New Years, I am going to aim for two posts a month as a goal.
So, thanks for sticking with me, and there will be more to come soon.