A Break from Kingdom A&S Projects

Every year, our local SCA Shire has a dirty Santa Christmas exchange.  The materials cost limit is $25, but what you do with those materials is up to you.  This year, to save money, I was digging in the already ridiculous craft supply horde we have, and found some leather I had bought for shoes (and bought A LOT of).  Since we have lots of new members at the moment, I figured doing a nice pouch was not beyond the pale.

I decided to go with a basic kidney shaped belt pouch, similar to those found in a lot of 14-15th century art.


To start the project, I created a pattern using a manilla file folder.

Once I had a nice, even pattern for the two body pieces, I used a flexible curve ruler to get a measurement and cut a 1.5″ wide gusset to run between them.

Once I had the main body components, I used an old fork that had been re-worked into a leather fork to create evenly spaced holes.  I would then go back and widen those with a nice sharp awl.

Once the holes were all punched in the body pieces and the gusset, I started sewing with a double running stitch, using waxed linen thread.

It took me about 3 hours to put the main body pieces together.  I then cut out and added a hanger piece along the back for belt attachment.

Next step was creating a pouch lid.  I went with a hard finished leather for this, which, after I cut out, I used a edge knife to round the edges, then used a straight knife and a leather stamp to carve designs into.  I then stained the heck out of it using black leather dye, and finished it with a sealant.

Once I had attached the lid, I added two straps for closures.

All told, the finished project took me about 8 hours.

If I decide to do it again, I think I will alter the pattern to incorporate the belt attachments into the body of the pouch, and will go with one weight up in leather.  This is pretty, but a little stretchier than I had anticipated.