Competition Documentation and Feast Booklets

Below, you will find my documentation for some of the SCA Arts and Sciences competitions I have entered, feasts I have prepared, and other cooking projects I have done.   Please only reuse content for distribution purposes with attribution.  All copyrights reserved.

Northkeep Feast 2012

An Andalusian and Maghrebi Mid-Winter

Chieftains 2012- Vigil Recipes from the Vigil of Baroness Mirabel Wynne with work by myself, Baroness Elianor de Morland, Quadiyah Catalina de Azuri, Mistress Suzanne de la Ferte, Lady Marie La Fevre, and others.

Mirabel’s Vigil Recipe Book

Kingdom A&S 2011

Wining and Dining in Medieval England

To the King’s Taste: A Final Meal Course from Forme of Cury

Queen’s Prize 2010

Chicken Soup for the Medieval Soup: Redactions of Three Medieval Chicken Soup Recipes for Invalids

Kingdom A&S 2013

A Meal from Irnham Hall- A Course of 14th Century English Dishes Using Ingredients Seen in the Luttrell Psalter

Gloved for the Working Day- Reproducing the 3-Finger Work Gloves in the Luttrell Psalter

And Richly Adorned- A Woman’s Heraldic Sideless Surcoat in the Style of the Luttrell Psalter

Kingdom A&S 2014

Clothes Fit for the Hound: Early 14th Century Men’s Italian Garments based on the Grave Finds of Cangrande I della Scala

Of Fast and Feast: A Lenten Meal from 14th Century Italy

Be as a Tower Firmly Set: A Retelling of the Legend of Phaedra’s Gate in the Style of Dante Alighieri


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