Well, that flew by…

Where did February go?  Oh, my..

I started the month by attending Calontir’s Clothier’s Seminar, which was an unusual choice for me.  I had been once in the past, but didn’t feel like I got much out of it.  The next year, my intentions to go were thwarted by an unusual for my area snow storm that dumped 3 feet and made it impossible to get out of my driveway.  The year after, I was busy, and so on.

This year, there were a number of classes that appealed to me, so I made arrangements to head up with a friend.  I got a lot of really good information from it, and had fun visiting with people.

The next weekend, I was mostly lazy and poked at my Kingdom A&S documentation, but otherwise relaxed and slept.

The weekend after, I went over to the house of friends, who were letting me use their back yard to dye my wool for one of my Kingdom A&S Championship entries.  It was such pretty wool.  However, the section of my documentation about it is now going to be entitled either “Dye Another Day” or “Dye, Dye Again”.  Apparently, I got my ph level way off, and the initial woad dye bath (I was trying to use woad over-dyed with weld to get Lincoln Green) turned my fabric a lovely shade of blue…and plasticy and frangible. And, like the village idiot, I didn’t do a test piece.  Sigh.  So that was a fail.  I looked at ordering more wool and trying again, but time was not on my side, so I moved ahead to pre-colored wool.

The last weekend in February, I went up to Chieftains in the Barony of Three Rivers.  It was a nice event for me, because I had little to no responsibility.  I took some classes, visited with people, plotted some upcoming mayhem, ate a pretty good feast, and then crashed early.  It was also nice to get to travel with someone I don’t normally travel with and have some conversations about SCA theory.

So moving forward into March, I spent this past weekend at my parents, visiting and working on my surcoat entry.  I got all the wool wash, did my pattern drafting, and got the base gown cut out.  I also got a template done for my bats and all 6 traced.  I got the white bends the bats will go on cut out and sized.   Since then, I have done outline work on 4 of the 6 bats, and gotten the template drawn for the badgers.  I think with judicious hard work, I can probably get the surcoat finished this weekend at the work weekend my apprentice sister is hosting.  If I really eat my wheaties, I may get the glove entry constructed as well.

I will try to add some pictures later of the process.  The food entry I am saving towards last since I think it will be the easiest for me.