Kingdom A&S

So I have had time to ruminate on it, and overall, I am pleased with how things went for Kingdom A&S.  I received a combined score of 82.4/90 on the three entries.  All of them received really good feed back, even the dress entry, which wasn’t done.  I didn’t win Championships, but my goal is always pushing myself first, learning second, and winning a distant third.  I do know I finished towards the top of the pack, so that was nice to know.  All my documentation can be found over at my Competition Documentation and Feast Booklets page.

I wish I had more time to wander around and look at other entries, but I think for now, I am going to have to resign myself that entering championships means I don’t always get to go do looking.  I do plan to look like made at Queen’s Prize Tournament though.  I am also sponsoring one, probably two entries, and I am really excited about that.

I have also started planning for next year.  My theme is going to be 14th century France, with a plan to do a cooking entry, a garment entry, and a leather entry, building on what I learned this year.  Let the madness commence.