KAS Project 2: 14th Century Lenten Meal Boogaloo

Sorry, I really couldn’t help myself.

So, for project number two in our 14th century Italian odyssey, I will be doing a food entry, since cooking is my primary emphasis area.  Since it appear Kingdom A&S is going to stay on it’s current calendar date, and it falls in the middle of Lent, I am going to tackle a course for a lenten meal from 14th century Italian cooking texts.

There are currently two English language translations of works, here and here.  I am comparing both, and will be poking at the original Italian as well.


So far, I am looking at the following dishes:

A dish of chickpeas for lent.

Lasagne with Walnuts

Cisame, a sweet and sour fish dish

Leeks in Lent

Lenten Apple Fritters

I will be working on redactions in the next month or so, moving forward.