Well, fell off that wagon quickly…

Life has been a little busy lately.  We’ve been focused on finding the husband a job, continuing to unpack, and my muse, after being dormant for a year, roared back to life and decided to finally write that novel (or, possibly, trilogy) I always wanted to write.

So, a quick recap of SCA Projects in the works and life changes in the last couple of months.

*  Still working on the super spangled wool dress.  Ran into a snag with spangle shortage.  Hoping to get more spangles soon.

*  Still working on new hoods for the husband and I.

*  Trying to find where all our supplies for various crafts got packed in our move. This has been an exciting thing (we lost a packing week due to illness, so my nice and orderly system fell before “Just get it in the blessed truck!”). It’s not unlike archaeology, as we ask, “Why on earth do we still own this?”

*  Most recently, stepped up as the new Chatelaine of the local Shire. Also, being a judge for regional A&S.  And writing a new class up on medieval flavor profiles.

* And finally, the project that jumped the queue- husband needed new SCA arm armor.  Local guy had some he was looking to get rid of, and he hates sewing. Offered trade of Viking men’s basic kit (tunic, rus pants, hood) for said arms.  The pants are 75% done. Hoping to knock out the rest pretty quickly.

So that’s where we are at.  I am going to set myself a new reminder to try to blog more often, and make a note to take more pictures as I go.  Thanks for bearing with me!