The To-Do List

Now that I am through Kingdom A&S, I have a to do list about 60 miles long to get back, starting with cleaning and organizing the craft/hobby room so I can do the rest of it.

Other items include:

  • Researching text for a friend’s peerage scroll.
  • Finishing the Charles de Blois arming pourpoint I am sewing for my husband from Tasha Dandelion Kelly’s Pattern.
  • Finishing the St. Louis Shirt for him I started as a stress reliever and which has some of the most beautiful gores I have ever set into a garment.
  • Finishing the Greenland #63 tunic I am sewing my husband.
  • Adjusting the sleeves and completing the finish work on my heraldic surcoat.
  • Playing with preserved meat for camping season.
  • Poking at faux ivory carving.
  • OMG, shoes- Patterning with Her Excellency Countess Comyn this weekend.
  • Undergarments for the husband and I.
  • Finishing the coteharie of frustration for me and getting an Italian dagged one cut out.

Kingdom A&S

Overall, it went very well.  I didn’t score as highly as I expected to on one entry, but I feel like all the judges points were fair.  I did get a perfect score from a notoriously strict set of food judges on my course of Lenten dishes, and since that is my primary art, I was very pleased.

Copies of all my documentation is now up on the Documentation Tab on the Stillroom Book Homepage.

On a related note, I apologize to my fellow artisans.  I received awful news about dear friends right before things got started on Saturday morning, and while I held it together while being judged and judging, I couldn’t really get around to see a lot and talk to people during my free time like I had planned.  I am sorry, and I hope to do better at Queen’s Prize this coming year.