So….That Was Exciting…

So, we are coming into the home stretch for Kingdom A&S Tri-Levels and Championships 2014 here in Calontir.  The deadline to declare intent to enter is tomorrow, March 1st, and the event is March 22.

In the past, the deadline for intent to enter has also been the deadline for Research Paper Entries to be submitted, since they tend to be long and require a lot of forethought for someone to read in an hour. 

Apparently, this year, there was an announcement I missed that they were extending this requirement to the Poetry and Writing in Period Style Prose entries.  I caught on to this on Wednesday of this week.  One of my entries was the retelling of a great Calontiri event in the poetry style of Dante.  For those playing along, my remaining 3 weeks just shrank to 3 DAYS.  Yikes!

While I had started my documentation (about 40% done) I had barely rough sketched the poem. I panicked for just a minute, and spoke with the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister, who said I could get a small extension if I really needed to (since we weren’t talking about 40+ pages).

Then decided that since I have always thrived under pressure, I needed to, in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work”.  Two nights and two lunch hours work later, it’s done.  And I am actually pretty darn proud of it.  It does not suck.

If you would like to read it, the documentation and poem can be found here.