Operation Clear the Stash

So, a number of my friends are embarking on SCA New Years Resolutions, and that’s awesome.  As for me, moving this year has taught me that I have a LOT of stuff.  A lot of it craft supplies.  So, this year, in furtherance of my 10% goal, and in the interest of getting materials used and either given away or part of the kit, I’m instituting Operation Clear the Stash.  My parameters are as follows:

  1. 90% of a project’s supplies need to come from stuff I already have.  Exceptions would be if I were being asked to craft something for someone else, for a specific purpose.
  2. Purchases are allowed to complete projects.  For example, I am making Peter and I new hoods.  I don’t have floss in the right color to do his embroidery.  I can buy said floss.  And, for that matter, handwork thread in a correct color if I need it.
  3. I need to keep track of what I am doing and what supplies it’s using, and document it here.
  4. Projects that aren’t for SCA purposes are okay too.  I do have some non-SCA appropriate materials that need to get used up.
  5. No new purchases until the stash is down to 75% of what it is now.  Even if it’s an amazing whatever.  Even if it’s on sale.  Just nope.

So, with that in mind, here are January’s projects:

  1. New dagged hoods for Peter and I.  Materials being used: red ottoman weave wool over on both.  Mustard yellow linen-cotton lining on his. Forest green wool twill lining on mine.  Red silk hand work thread.  Green silk hand work thread.  Yellow silk handwork thread.  Yellow silk floss (purchased).  Green wool/silk floss.
  2. Green and black wool viking hood for a prize.  Green and black scarp wool from previous project.  Black linen.  Black silk handwork thread.  Green silk/wool floss.
  3. Leather coin  pouch for prize.  Scrap leather from stash.

Pictures coming upon completion.


One comment on “Operation Clear the Stash

  1. Eowyth says:

    I like this!

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