C is for Court Barony Scroll Text…

So, I have been doing a decent number of texts in the past few months, though they are being given in almost a reverse order to the chronology of me finishing them.  It’s kind of amusing.

Shortly after HRM Agamemnon won, HRM Gwen asked me to write a charter style text for a Court Barony for a lovely lady up in Cum on Iolair who had long served in the SCA in a variety of areas, and who had been very kind to Her Majesty when she first came into the Kingdom.  The result was as follows:

“Gwen, Calon Queen of Grace and Beauty, and consort to Agamemnon, King by Right of Arms, send greetings to all nobles, peers, burghers, and gentles to whom these letters come.  As we have travelled Our Realm and spoken with Our people, we have seen the good works of one who has done much to support Calontir and the Dream.  Our faithful subject, Marguerite des Baux, has shared her skill in the arts, making many beautiful weavings to gladden the eye.  She has given all the gift of music, playing upon her harp and recorder to gladden the heart.  She has nourished the body of our people with wondrous foods, and she has nourished the soul of our Kingdom in her service to all the people of Our Realm.

For these good works, and services, and in recognition of the love and esteem We hold for Marguerite, We do so grant her the rank and estate of Baroness of Our Court with all rights and privileges thereto appertaining.  And further, We charge her in her new estate to continue her work, to wit to ensure the growth and prosperity of her local Shire, and tithe of her arts and graces to all the peoples of our realm as she is so able to.

This is so done and given by our hands on the Feast of St. Bernard, being the 26th Day of August, Anno Societatis XLIX at our Shire of Cum An Iolair.

Agamemnon, Rex                               Gwen, Regina”


As an added bonus, the artisan who did the Calligraphy and Illumination, Mistress Suzanne de la Ferte, took a picture of the scroll when she finished it (it lacks TRMs signatures), and has agreed to let me share it.

Marie CB Scroll

Mistress Suzanne does truly lovely work, and it’s a pleasure to see words I wrote put into such a gorgeous piece of art.


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