M is for Miscellaneous…

Projects, that is.

So, my plans to read a book a month have been thwarted by a) life, b) enthusiasm to do much of anything in the summer heat, c) SCA commitments not relating, and d) the ridiculous nature of academic library e-book lending (or, I can download 40 pages a day for keepsies, but I can’t bloody borrow the whole thing electronically for 2 weeks-bad form!).

I am still reading though, and what I have read so far has been interesting. I am going to adjust my target to 1 book every 3 months.

Now, for a project throwback. A couple of years back, I was talking for a friend about why her Viking dresses (gifted to her) were fitting funny, and gore placement, and ended up offering to maker her one. The project got delayed a couple of times because she would lose more weight (happy reason, that!), but I finally buckled down and finished it back in December of last year, just in time for Calontir’s Kris Kinder winter market event.  It’s not perfect, but I was pretty darn pleased with it.


The under gown is linen trimmed in hand-embroidered silk, while the overdress is gold wool crepe with embroidered seam finishing and trim around the top.

And speak of Scroll Texts, now that the first one has been given, I am comfortable sharing the Leather Mallet (Calontir AOA level science award) text I wrote for the reign of TRM Calontir, Agamemnon and Gwen. 

Beginning with thee, O Phoebus, I will recount the deeds of
__________________________________, worthy subject of
King Agamemnon, who crossed the lands to the Cliff of Wyverns
And there did make gracious Gwen his Queen. 
As the many bards do tell it, by the work of their hands, did their
Majesties’s true subject, bring to shape such wondrous things,
too numerous to list in this, my verse. 
Quickly, King Agamemnon saw it and pondered,
Too did Queen Gwen espy the varied offerings of their hands,
And such welcome gave they in their court,
The better all should know their gift of their labors.
And so, of the company of the Leather Mallet, this worthy artisan was named one.
Done by their hands this ______ day of ___________, AS______ at their _________ of
Also of cool note, the first recipient was a friend of mine, Zack.  Very pleased.
Now, I am focusing on getting gear ready for Pennsic and figuring out my fall projects. 

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