Musing on Projects Ongoing

So, the things I am currently working on, and where I am at with them:

  • Charles de Blois based pourpoint for my husband: I’ve been working on this for a month or two now, in my free moments.  I am using Tasha Dandelion Kelly of La Cotte Simple‘s pattern here:  My version is an outer layer of Black Linen, cotton batting, and an inner layer of light blue linen.  So far, I am pretty happy with how it’s coming.  I am doing it all by hand, so it’s taking a while to quilt everything nicely together.
  • Viking Garb for Countess Comyn, called Shadow: this is a longstanding project that I started a couple of years ago, which stalled for a happy reason- she lost a lot of weight as part of a healthy lifestyle change, and I had not gotten a chance to remeasure her.  The good news is, I can take the apron dress in pretty easily and can then work on the finishing work for it.  The bad news is, the gore placement I did on the under-dress is wrong, so I am going to have to rip out about three hours of quality hand-sewing and start again.  Sigh.  I did pickup some lovely silk to do trim work on the under dress with though.
  • Kingdom A&S 2013- Originally, I was going to theme around 14th century French, and use the Charles de Blois as one piece.  However, its a well known garment in the SCA in general, and in Calontir in particular, and it kind of feels like I am cheating a little bit doing it.  Plus, this summer in Italy, I ran across a fascinating historical personage who has some very interesting existent garments, and I think I am going to theme around those.  To my knowledge, I have never seen them done, so it should be exciting.  I plan to start pattern drafting soon.  I will pair the garments with a cooking entry from the earliest known Italian cookbook, and either something in leather, something researchy, or an art/science to be named.  14th century Italia for the (hopefully) win.


Stay tuned for pictures of these projects. And for more travelogs (really…promise).


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