Planes, Plane Trains, and more Planes

I am sitting in Fiumicio Leonardo da Vinci airport, waiting on my husband’s plan to get in. It’s a calendar day after I left, with the time change, but on central standard, it’s only been about 15 hours.

I flew out of Tulsa, where my parents live, and had a decently good first flight to Atlanta. I always want to make that trip long in my head (probably because the shift to east coast time adds an hour on its face), but its only about 1 hour 45 minutes. It was the least crowded flight, and while I had someone on my row, he was the window, and I was the aisle, so we had plenty of room.

In Atlanta, I had a bit of a scare, because they announced the flight was oversold and were looking for volunteers to take a bump. It looked like it was maybe residual issues from last weeks Paris air traffic control strike. Luckily, I had an assigned seat number, so I was safe, and was able to board.

I had a middle row aisle seat, and sat next to a lovely couple from the Atlanta area who were passing through Paris on their way to Barcelona for a cruise. She and I had a couple nice chats.

The food was good, but the plane was a little lacking. Despite advertising complimentary Delta on demand movies on 767 intercontinental flights, our plane was too old for headrest screens. And it wouldn’t have matter, because my audio jack appeared to be defective. So I sort of watched the three shown movies ( Jack the Giant Slayer, The Adjustment Bureau, and something else intermittently. The food was good (I took the vegetarian pasta option, which was marinara with olives and feta, plus a salad, a roll, a piece of cheese, and a blonde style brownie) and the wine with dinner was complimentary. I slept kind of fitfully during the flight, and was kind of tired by the time I got to deGualle.

I had been warned deGualle was the O’Hellmouth of Europe, and was surprised to find it wasn’t that bad. It was crowded, and air France couldn’t get me on an aisle seat, but the airport itself was fine. The flight was also not bad, a little more spacious on the seating. I had a nice young woman from Argentina next to me, flying home from a business trip, and we chatted some. They also served really good pesto bread crackers.

So now, I am hanging out, waiting on my husband’s plane. It will be the first time I have seen him in almost a month, and I am pretty excited.

You may be asking, how does this relate to history? Eh, it doesn’t. But it’s my blog and all. Hopefully, the history will start tomorrow, when we head to Tivoli to see Hadrian’s Villa and the Palace d’Este. Stay tuned, Bella amici.


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